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       Ten Time-Proven Tips For Selecting A Dealer

  • Check credentials.

    Check credentials.

    Before making your selection, make sure the dealer is reputable. Also, find out if the dealer is a member of a local or national association such as the Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America, Qualified gas contractors Association, Etc.

  • Dealer Affiliation
  • References
  • On-Site Evaluation
  • License Compliance
  • Dealers Experience
  • Written Proposal
  • Equipment and Labor Warranties
  • Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Written Agreement

contactus1Estimating plumbing and HVAC is more than just a mathematical exercise; it requires decision-making, sound judgment, attention to detail - and planning.

The equipment, material and services are the easy part of your bid.  The planning, on-site evaluation, written proposals and agreements are the attention to detail that make Boswell Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning stand out from the rest.

At Boswell Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, you can expect each and every one of these steps to be completed prior to your work beginning.  We want you to be satisfied with the equipment, the manner in which the work was completed, and the professionalism the you should expect from a reputable dealer.

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